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  • Elected to the Town Council in November 2017.
  • Founded the Up with Downtown Wallingford initiative to revitalize our beautiful downtown.
  • Serves on the Plan of Conservation and Development subcommittee
  • 30+ year resident of Wallingford, where I raised my family.
  • Long time community involvement, reaching out to individuals, businesses, organizations, government, and commissions to work together to “get things done.”
  • Physician Assistant at a leading medical center.
  • Medical Liaison to the Coalition for a Better Wallingford, which is combating addictions and risky behaviors throughout our community in many ways.
  • Former member of the Wallingford Recycling Committee.
  • Voter registration volunteer, working at the grass roots to increase community involvement and participation in government.
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About Gina
I am committed to making Wallingford an even better place to live, work , shop and do business.
I'm Gina Morgenstein. I am committed to making Wallingford an even better place to live, work, shop and do business.

I have a vision for the town -- a well managed town, with quality services, great education for our children, and improved economic development.

My husband and I raised our family here and have committed ourselves to this community. Our children were born here and are products of Wallingford’s school system (one Lyman Hall High School the other Choate). They played sports, learned music, participated in plays, spent hours at the local YMCA and from these solid roots have become responsible adults. We are very proud of their achievements and the adults they have become.

By profession I am a healer (Physician Assistant). I have treated countless members of the community for everything from the common cold to broken bones and substance abuse. I continually advocate for health and wellness as well as providing education for a healthy lifestyle.  You may know me and my care going back to CHCP, Wallingford Family Practice, Comprehensive Orthopedics and presently as a Physician Assistant in the Hospitalist staff at MidState Medical Center.

Communities also need care, nurturing and healing to function and thrive. Not ignoring changes as time goes by in health as well as community is vital. Listening has been key in keeping those in my care healthy. I feel that in listening to this community for 30+ years I can bring fresh ideas and perspectives to meet the new challenges our community faces so that we can continue healthy growth. We can thrive in the immediate future. Our bodies change over time. Communities also change and we need to adjust our vision to insure that what makes Wallingford a great community will continue to do so for ours and future generations.

The voters of Wallingford elected me to serve on the Town Council in November 2017, and I am sincerely honored and humbled to do so. I'm committed to transparency in town government, more public involvement in resolving town problems, improved maintenance of our public spaces, creative solutions to enhance our downtown, and fiscally sound, efficient spending decisions.

Tell me what you care about, and together we'll be heard! 

Gina Morgenstein
A message from Gina
Gina with Girl Scouts participating in an environmental activity.
Gina judging the fashion show at SCOW (Spanish Community of Wallingford).
Working the semi-annual Wallingford community clean-up.
Gina at the Democratic Women of Wallingford (DemWOW) booth.

Joel (son-in-law), Larry (husband), Hannah (daughter), Gina & Noah (son)
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