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I believe in government for the people. That is why we are here. Wallingford works best when the needs of the people are heard. Too often citizens and even our public representatives have been kept in the dark. The controversy over Pat Wall Field parking lot was all too typical of the lack of transparency in Town Hall (1). We the people, and our representatives, deserve better and I am committed to making it better.

We need to have meetings scheduled at times that people can attend and timely notification when press conferences and public hearings are held. We have video capability in Town Council Chambers to show meetings, workshops and press conferences online and need to fully utilize it to engage residents and businesses in the issues and decisions being made.

Public comment on non-voting Town Council agenda items must be reinstated. The time for discussion and public input should not only be at the time of the vote - it's often too late then. The taxpaying public deserves to have input when the issues are still being discussed, debated, and examined — when options are still on the table. Too often your money is being spent without a fully informed council and without your voice being heard.

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Elected officials work for YOU! Open communication encourages public participation, builds a government you can trust, and reflects your best interests. 
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