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Sane Policies
Business Environment
Why is the new Amazon distribution center going to North Haven, when Wallingford was approached first? A careful creative approach to help mitigate traffic and other concerns was needed. 

Businesses thinking of moving to Wallingford shouldn't have to transact research, applications, forms, payments and other activities through the mail or by coming to Town Hall. The current policies make Wallingford less attractive to businesses and more costly to everyone.

I was involved in crafting a policy on downtown trees that would provide the town with the benefits of nature and saves the town money. The Town was shown many options to consider such as periodic pruning, planting techniques, species appropriate for planting location. All of these options could provide longer lived trees, diversity (preventing losing all trees if a blight occurs), mitigates damage to bricks/sidewalks, and reduces blockage to view signage and buildings. All or some of these options could have saved tax payer money to maintain other infrastructure. However, the Town represented by its tree warden chose to incur unnecessary tree removal and cost. 

This should be our highest goal: an administration that hears, promotes and partners with those they represent. It is a worthy goal in so many ways.

for Wallingford
Town Council
We need to restore rational government on the Town Council and prevent single party decisions being made without proper discussion or public input.
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