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Complete and sign the form and mail your check ($250 limit per person - see form for details) to Committee to Re-elect Gina, c/o Jennifer Morrison, 56 Cooper Avenue, Wallingford CT 06492.
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Town Council
I'm excited and humbled to serve you on the Council. But, we need your help to ensure your voice is heard in Town Hall. 

​Vote Nov. 5th, and together we'll move Wallingford forward!
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​Support Gina by putting a sign on your lawn. 
Send your letter of support to the Record-Journal
Make your voice heard and show your support by writing a Letter to the Editor in the RJ, or commenting in Facebook forums and Wallingford Patch on appropriate topics.
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  • Sponsor a Meet & Greet
  • Write Friend to Friend post cards
  • Phone Banking
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I can help on Election Day 
We'll need your help on Election Day.
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